School Events

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As a kid, some of the best memories are hanging out with your classmates at a school event and having the time of your life. Can we all remember those long school days that at times were overwhelming and stressful? What better way to end the school day than playing arcade games with your classmates side-by-side! No matter what type of school event you are looking to host, Flippers Family Arcade in Cheyenne, Wyoming is the perfect place! We have a wide variety of games and activities to keep everyone entertained and our friendly staff is always on-hand to help make your school event a success. Consider Flippers Family Arcade today and learn more about what we can put together for you!


Special Needs Outing

Flippers Family Arcade is the perfect place to host a special needs outing! We have a wide variety of games and activities that will be enjoyed by all. You can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your students and everyone involved.


Student Council

One of the best parts about our arcade is the ample amount of space it provides for student council events. Our meeting area can be used for any of your student council meetings. Build a student council calendar of arcade events that will create a high-impact and low-stress year for your students. The best ideas come when you’re having fun!

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After Prom

We all love a good after-prom party, am I right? Are you looking for the perfect place for a school’s after-prom party? Our meeting rooms are the perfect place to get comfortable and hang out with senior buddies to celebrate all the high school years. We have a lot of arcade games and activities that your students will enjoy. We also have a meeting area that can be decorated and used for the after-prom party. If you’re thinking about an arcade-themed after-prom party, you’re in the right place!



The same school homecoming party can get boring. After the football game, change up the scenery and offer your students a fun homecoming party at the best arcade in Cheyenne. Let your students have fun dancing or playing the best arcade games all night long. Allow your students to create memories that will last a lifetime at their local arcade.

Sport Team Outings

Are you on the lookout for the best arcade in Cheyenne to host your next sports team outing? Flippers Family Arcade has you covered! We have an ample amount of space that can accommodate a big or small sports team and we also have a variety of arcade games and activities that your team is sure to enjoy. Celebrate your big win or commemorate all the good memories you all had playing the sport you love. If your team is new, a local arcade outing is a perfect solution for team bonding!


Flippers Family Arcade is the best arcade in Cheyenne to host your next school event outing! Contact Flippers Family Arcade today to learn more about how to get your next school event booked!