How To Improve Family Night

Family night is a special time to connect, bond, and have fun with the people who matter most. However, it can be hard to find ways to connect with your family in the midst of busy schedules. At Flipper’s Family Arcade, we’re all about creating an atmosphere of family, friendly fun. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your next family night, visit our family arcade in Cheyenne, WY! Here are a few tips for improving your family nights. 

family playing with blocks

Find New Ways to Connect

Rather than simply having a meal together, going to the movies, or another activity  your family regularly does, try to find a new way to connect! A new activity will have the whole family looking forward to connecting. 

family at arcade

Get Out of the House

When you need to step up your family nights, consider finding an exciting location to bring the whole family. Flipper’s Family Arcade in Cheyenne is the perfect location for your next family night. With plenty of popular arcade games, pinball, great prizes, and more, you’ll be happy you choose to get out of the house. 

children and mom rollerskating

Let Your Children Choose the Activity

The easiest way to ensure your children enjoy family time is to let them choose the activity! You can provide a few options for them to choose from, or let them have free reign on choosing an activity. Our family arcade has all the best arcade games, so we hope your family will choose to visit us. 

family eating pizza

Snack and Sip 

No matter how you choose to spend a family night, sharing a meal is an essential part of the evening. At Flipper’s, we make it easy to combine fun with a menu of delicious options for the whole family. Whether you want something to snack on between games or a full meal, we’ve got something for everyone. 


Family night doesn’t need to be a boring occasion, visit Flipper’s Family Arcade to improve your family night and ensure every member of your family enjoys themselves. We proudly offer a family-friendly environment that promises fun for all.