How To Enhance Your Arcade Experience

Whether you’re a long-time class arcade fan or just looking for a way to spend time with your friends and family, Flipper’s Family Arcade is the perfect option! With a wide selection of classic and rare games, we guarantee you’ll have a wonderful experience. Located in downtown Cheyenne, WY, our family arcade is here for you to let loose, have fun, and enjoy all of the best arcade games. Read on to learn our tips for enhancing your arcade experience, and visit us today!

Vintage arcade game

Find an Arcade with the Old-School Appeal

There’s nothing better than finding an arcade that offers an old-school, vintage experience. Our family arcade has all the best popular arcade games you know and love. Not only will you enjoy the games we offer, but the nostalgic feel of our arcade will certainly make the experience unforgettable.

Friends playing games at arcade

Bring Your Friends and Family

The best way to have fun at an arcade like Flipper’s is to bring your friends and family along. This way, you can all share in the excitement and enjoy friendly competition with each other and compete to win awesome prizes. We have plenty of multiplayer games to try out with your friends and family, too!

Young teen playing arcade game

Try Something New

At Flipper’s, we offer rare games in addition to our classic arcade games. Why not try something new? Who knows, you might find a new favorite arcade game or get to experience something you never have before!

man and woman playing arcade game

Have Fun and Be Competitive

Last, but not least, remember to have fun and be competitive! No matter what game you’re playing, the ultimate goal at our family arcade is to have a great time. So, whether you’re trying to break your high score or beat your opponent, remember that winning isn’t everything — it’s the fun and excitement of the game that counts.


Flipper’s Family Arcade in Cheyenne is an amazing place to spend time with your friends and family and play all the popular arcade games. The next time you visit our arcade, keep in mind these tips to ensure you have a wonderful time. Visit us today!