Bikers Against Child Abuse & Flippers Family Arcade

Flippers Family Arcade is a family-friendly arcade located in Cheyenne. We offer tons of fun for the whole family, and our arcade hosts birthday parties, corporate events, holiday events, and more. We are proud to partner with Bikers Against Child Abuse to help raise awarenss of the harm that’s done to children worldwide. Learn more about this organization below and how we help, and visit us today.

Their Mission

Bikers Against Child Abuse works to create safer environments for abused children. By working in conjunction with local and state officials who work to protect children, this organization wants to raise awareness of this important cause, and they stand to support these children in numerous ways.

Being a Physical Presence

Our bikers that ride for Bikers Against Child Abuse are there to be a physical presence of support when the children need them. They ride as a group to the child’s house to offer assistance and encouragement. They want the child to know that he or she is not alone in their struggles.

Offering Support in Court

Bikers Against Child Abuse often attend court on behalf of the children and will testify if they are aware of any abuse. This helps the child to feel safe and secure knowing there are others present advocating for them and supporting them in their journey to safety.

How Flippers Family Arcade Helps

Our family-owned local business here in Cheyenne offers our support through donations we give to Bikers Against Child Abuse. We believe that no child deserves to live in fear, and we support any endeavor that keeps children safe.


You can offer your support of Bikers Against Child Abuse by supporting their organization and our business. Every time you visit us, you’ll be helping to support children who suffer abuse. To learn more, ask one of our staff members, or stop by today.